the playful k journey

the playful k journey
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Friday, October 12, 2012

to blog or not to blog... that is the question...

I am currently wrestling with the idea of getting back to blogging and taking it more seriousy if I do. It seems everyone is blogging now and I hate fads. Over the course of last year and this year, I have undergone many life-vhanging experiences and I wish to blog about that.
i think I have made my decision. I will resume blogging. In order for me to take a newe direction, I will, once again, change the name of my blog... watch this space.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

another end...

I hope this posts. For some reason, my own blog has been refusing my attempts at posting.

Right...once again, I am nearing another end. This time, a bigger one. It's actually the end of my first university semester. I am just hoping it won't be the end for me. Why I say this?
It's been exams and much to my amaze (not) I've stuck religiously to my old high school ways. Not studying. Well, you can't blame me. Every time that I tried, I found myself reading yet another book on philosophy or medical sciences, neither of which have any bearings on my studies... so yeah.

Anywho, I've one paper left. Psychology.

On other news, I've started working on something and I'm really excited about it. I'm not comfortable with classifying it yet as I don;t know where it's going but I'm just writing as I'm inspired.

Anywhoooo, peace!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Harvard....Otherwise known as The William Cullen Library at Wits University. Harvard is the centre of African Studies at Wits and Home 2 tHE sUSHI!
tHE sUshi is a Fish, on paper, drawn and brought to life by my blessed frIEnd NEO MOTHAE.
wE HAD so much fun with Fish as it is a manifestation and representation of everything we as talkative students would love to do but cannot in a Library. The Fish can laugh, scream, and cry. It is a natural born performer capable of anything and everything. Unfortunately it died due to the pressures of THE sYstem.

In honour of Sushi, resurrect your own Fish to become you True Voice.....

xoxo Nx2 xoxox

StrATeGisng With da GALS written by Neo S. and Neo Mothae

Lecturers: Neox2
Lesson: How can one piss on their territory (only to have another bitch infringe on the boundaries)
Venue: The Mall a.k.a. The MATRIX

fIRST of all you have to MARK your territory sufficiently to prevent future attacks by unforseen BITCHES!!!!

Oprah even says the number one reason men cheat is because there is always a willing female lurking in the background
As a dog marks its' territory by pissing on the area, you must mark your territory.

How can you go about doing this?
Train your man to obey all your commands, what you say must resonate. Start with simple requests such as
"please buy me a cheese and tomato sandwich", if you practice this request/command regulary enough, your man will know this means :"DO IT!!!!"

As a female you have certain assets at your disposal, foremost your intelligence. Boys are so easy to influence that you could make them do practically anything! The trick is to......

Lol Got you! nOW you GOTTA read da next edition to find out THe SecRET

End of Term/Block/Quarter... whatever you want to call it

Well, today is the last day of the first teaching block. I am dead chuffed to be heading back to Durban tomorrow night. It's been a long time in Jozi and I've missed home dearly. I don't know why this entry is assuming the tone it is but it just is.I have skipped all my extra-curricular activities this week and quite frankly, I don't feel bad about it.

I have nothing else to say... over to the guest writer, Neo.
Wits has been one hell of a ride so far. It's been a crazy mind-boggling experience with everything coming at you at 320km p/h. I'm kinda glad we're taking a break but one thing I'm not glad about is separating from the cool friends I've made so far. Sumeya is such a cooooooool person just cuz she's so chilled and random. And of course Angie who is the laughter that keeps us together. Then there's the discipline of this whole operation: PhD. And of course our lil babatjie Neo II. Drama is so much better since I've met these girls, if it was possible I would come to Wits everyday just to chill at our very own Mall: The Matrix.

Passion and Coolness all the way!!!!
Here's to Dramatic Memoriez!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More than just a breather...

It's been a moment since I last blogged. My excuses though valid, would be trivial. Well, I've been busy with the usual. School and chilling. Met  a few important people though I haven't got involved in any big things yet. But I'm guessing I will be soon.

Made a second year friend who I'm hoping will be a bit of a help. So I guess even though I'm still lazy and in school mode I wont turn out too bad. I believe a little more in myself than I previously did too.
I'm hoping by next week that I will be done with everything that requires completing.

I started singing classes and hip hop dance as well. On Tuesday I will be starting piano as well so I'm pretty pleased with myself.

I must confess that I feel like I'm blogging out of obligation today. Even though it's a Saturday, I'm at school catching up with all that I don't do on weekdays so i'm going to dip out now...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Saturday...

Well, yesterday I attended the FYE (First Year Experience) induction programme at Wits - I still don't know what induction means but I'm guessing it's a sort of welcoming. Anywho, as usual, I didn't really want to attend because (as usual) I had decide it would be lame, not to say it wasn't kinda lame. However, there were many inspirational and eye-opening moments. All in all, it was worth it. I did only go because my dad had already given me R100 to go. Haha.

Down to the cool experience that followed. I met up with one of my new friends after the programme and we walked around the CBD which wasn't as awesome as could be for me because I kept envisioning the beach. The reason being, the CBD in Durban leads to the beach being in a CBD that didn't lad to the beach just made me miss Durban much more. I can barely wait to hit the shores now.

Oh, yes. The cool experience. Well we ended up going to the Johannesburg Theatre. The exposure to all the beautiful architecture and art work was amazing. We tried incorporating a few of the things we'd been learning in our classes. We weren't sure if we could enter some of the places but I suggested we do as long as no one tried to stop us. So we did. My excitement was so great I couldn't help snapping away with my phone.
I'm really looking forward to exploring other theatres in the city of Jhb. The artistic greatness is simply overwhelming.
**Those are the pics I took. The quality isn't so great of course since they were taken on my phone and the girl who appears in them is the friend I was with**